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Time in Saratov, Russia


Translator since 1979.

Holds university degree in English language and literature. Graduated from the Saratov State University, Russia, Department of Romanic-Germanic Languages.

Worked as a medical translator specializing in the fields of virology, AIDS, and HIV for over 10 years in the Saratov State Medical University.

Specializes also in surgery, fiction, business and legal documents, technology guides, user manuals.



Translator since 1996.

Holds university degree in Electromechanical Engineering. Graduated from the Saratov State Technical University, Russia.

Graduated from the Lingua College of the Saratov State Technical University.

Since 1996 until 1999 worked as a translator at the Saratov State Technical University, Department of Devices for Orientation, Stabilization, and Navigation. Translated texts and patents in the field of orientation, navigation systems, aerospace technologies, avionics, military systems, GPS, MEMS, silicon production technologies, intra-pipe diagnostic equipment for oil and gas pipelines.

Specializes in: popular scientific texts, software, hardware, IT, networks, desktop publishing, printing, multimedia and web, user manuals, technical documentation for accelerometers, gyroscopes, navigation and orientation systems, GPS.

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